This is my passion

Hello Friends and Tea Lovers!

I grew up surrounded by the aroma of Japanese green tea, so it is no surprise that I am a passionate drinker of green tea. I am also qualified to perform traditional Japanese tea ceremony and I have been doing so since I was in high school! I would love to host you the ceremony one of these days.

Eighty years ago, my grandfather founded this family-owned tea business in Kure near Hiroshima. My father took over in later years and when he turned the business over to me, I decided not to just take over but to expand by spreading the word about the health benefits of green tea. To ensure the exceptional quality of my tea, I personally select tea leaves each season.

Last year, I flew across the Pacific Ocean to Seattle, WA, where people were excited to meet me because they love green tea. My passion is to reach out and deliver the superior tea made by the way my father and grand farther did — it is truly delicious, healthy and fresh!

Yui Yoshinaga, President
3rd Generation, Tagashira Tea (since 1930)

“Yui Tea” Brand

Yui is my first name. It also means “tie” or “to tie” in Japanese. It is the foundation of Yui Tea brand. I am connected to so many good people and good things around me. Through my passion for tea, I create strong relationships with people I meet every day.