Tagashira Tea’s family secret blend is made from carefully selected fleshy tea leaves with a combination of a uniquely deep-steamed processing and artisanal high temperature roasting.

Every year at the start of the leaf-picking season, April and May, we travel with our tea master across the country in search of the tea leaves that meet our high standards. We roast tea leaves from each farm one at a time, and then mix four to ten different types of leaves, making an aromatic, dark green and rich-flavored tea.

Dedication to Perfection

Steam Processing
Taste, aroma, and color of tea leaves are developed by a steaming technique. The longer the steaming, the darker the color; the color is what makes the tea rich and aromatic flavor.
Tea Leaves
We use carefully chosen fleshy tea leaves that, combined with our methods of deep-steamed processing and artisanal high-temperature roasting, creates our exceptional green tea.
We roast our tea leaves at 118 degrees Celsius (245 Fahrenheit), most likely the highest roasting temperature done in Japan today, in order to bring out rich, aromatic flavor.
Tea Bags
We fill silk pyramidal tea bags with the tea leaves. The pyramidal shape allows extra room so that the tea leaves can steep most effectively. We then use aseptic packaging to keep the flavor fresh.