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Health Benefit of Japanese Green Tea

In Japan, drinking green tea has been part of our culture for many centuries. It was long consumed for its healing qualities and eventually become an all-around remedy. Today, the health benefits of green tea have been extensively researched and the number of new studies has increased as the scientific community's awareness of its potential benefits has increased.

Best way to drink Japanese Green Tea

It is important to remember that quality of water, temperature of water and condition of storage determine good tea.

【Quality of water】

Ideally, you should use soft water (water with a low concentration of dissolved minerals, especially calcium) to make good tea. Be sure to boil water uncovered for at least 3 minutes to eliminate smell of chlorine if you are using tap water.

【Temperature of water】

Adjusting temperature of water is also very important to enjoy Japanese tea. Unlike English or Chinese tea, we don't use boiled water. "Kuki-cha" from our product line is the only tea we recommend to use boiled water. General rule of thumb is; in winter, pour boiled water in a cup first then place a tea bag. In summer, pour boiled water in a cup and let it sit for a while before placing a tea bag.

Tea selection Temperature Steeping time
First Pick 158F (70℃) 60 seconds
Luxury Green 176F (80℃) 30 seconds
Rice Aroma & Matcha 176F (80℃) 30 seconds
Kuki Cha boiled water 60 seconds

【Condition of storage】

Please avoid moisture, air, light, and heat. Storing your tea away from them will keep it fresher and longer. An airtight container stored in a cool, dry, dark place is the ideal environment. You should also be aware of green tea could absorb moisture by taking in and out of the refrigerator. Sudden change of temperature is not an ideal condition. It would deteriorate its taste.

Making cold green tea

  1. Use 3 bags in 2 liter of cold water (8.5 cups).
  2. Steep for about 15 minutes.
  3. Adjust according to your taste preference (dark or light).

If you add in a glass of ice, you can enjoy very aromatic flavor of cold green tea!